All our shows are filmed, edited, graphic designed and posted to you using only smartphone - 100% smartphone.

We Select new content creators to make these shows in Association with regional and local content entities

Is your Hub to the best local Egyptian Designer talking about their Journey, collections and where they find their inspiration.
The program aims to educate the audience about fashion and help them know how to dress and where to dress from.

Since raising a dog became an important part of our modern lives. 10Dogs is a show that is aimed to help you know how to raise a dog better, help you figure their origin and temperament, by surveying their breeds and interviewing dog owners.

It is a show about professional life. focusing on certain jobs/careers, and covering all their aspects ranging from pre-graduation phase, to the useful routes to be eligible for jobs , hitting on market requirements and the way to fill in any qualifications gaps also it helps bringing awareness about entrepreneurial potentials, walking through the mandatory tracks needed to start a new business.

The show tackles a bundle of themes that almost every family (Parents and children) faces daily. It aims to address the fears/issues of the parents (either new or not), offer some potential positive solutions and raise awareness about parent education.

The show address the simplest medical questions that a normal person usually wonders about and keep searching for it among commercial opinions or nebulous concepts, it also focuses on getting the medical information from valuable, trustworthy figures and guests with inestimable opinions.

It is a show that speaks about design in general and interior design in particular, it helps you design your space in an economic and smart way that suits your budget, your taste and your lifestyle whether you are going to do it on your own or with the help of an interior designer.

The show focuses on humane stories to highlight human interests and show diversity from all over the Arab world.

It is a show dedicated to nurturing curiosity among the youth in Egypt and the Arab Region about environmental topics of importance to our world and personal lives. it covers diverse topics that is delivered in a fun way, ranging from topics about resource efficiency, sustainable mobility, and sustainable cities, to issues of air and water pollution, nature conservation, and biodiversity, as well as completely new topics looking at environmental issues from a totally new angle.

we introduce new shows every month so we still have many shows coming like:
10Flight, 10Cars, 10Business, 10Cinema, 10Makeup, 10Movies, 10Fit & 10Books etc,