Why are we called 10MOJO?

1- TeN MOJO is Powered by Arab company for digital studios and sister entity of Alghad tv and TeN tv and we decided to be called “10” to turn digital

2- we choose 10 because we are the 10th studio worldwide to operate fully with smartphones only and also the first in the MENA region according to the international mobile festival in Paris and to

3- our digital content daily schedule is from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

4- our shows episode’s maximum duration is 10 minutes

5- we present 10 shows every 3 months

6- we present new 10 content creators/hosts every 6 months

7- we are called 10MOJO because it stands for mobile journalism and we are 100% smartphone

8- our slogan is - from our smartphone to your smartphone

9- Our video’s aspect ratio is 9:16 to be compatible with smartphone